The future of a nation is in the heart and minds of it’s children

Young Jewels Foundation is a non-profitable and a non-governmental organization whose main objective is to enhance academic performance in Primary Schools across rural areas in Kenya. We provide mentorship programs through Proudly Precious for the girl child and the MAN-Date for the boy child with emphasis on education, menstrual hygiene advocacy, mentorship and adolescent health in primary schools.

Menstruation is a natural process, however in most parts of the world it is a taboo and rarely talked about. It has also been largely neglected by many sectors focusing on sexual reproductive health, and education.

At Young Jewels, we believe that every menstrual period should be an equally ‘Feel Great’ experience for all women from all walks of life. This is however not the reality. Studies show that 6 out of 10 girls are missing classes today due to menses. A girl absent from school due to menses for 4 days in a month looses 12 learning days approximated to 2 weeks of learning in every school term (3 months). In a year (3 terms) a girl will loses 36 learning days approximate to 6 weeks of learning time. This is equivalent to 18 learning weeks if the girl began her menses in class 6.

Girls in school are four times less likely to be sexually active than those who have dropped out thus reducing the incidence of early pregnancy significantly. According to studies by the Ministry of Education (2008) keeping girls in school reduced probability of teen pregnancy with 40% of adolescent girls with no education are pregnant versus 26% of those who completed only primary and only 8% of those with secondary education or higher. 40% of deaths from botched abortions are adolescent girls.