Menstrual Matters Walk 2021

Why the MM Walkathon?

Menstruation is a natural process. However, in many communities in Kenya, it is rarely talked about, surrounded by stigma, shame and secrecy. At Young Jewels, we believe that every menstrual period should be an equally ‘Feel Great’ experience for all women from all walks of life.

Stay fit for a good cause. Join a community of participants supporting 100s of girls in Kenya and get a certificate for your participation!

How does the MM Walkathon work?

 4 Simple steps.

  1. Register for the Walk
  2. Track walk via an App
  3. Submit your results 
  4. Get your Certificate.

This years walkathon will work exactly the same as the other type of MM walks we have had in the past. The only difference is that the walk can happen at anywhere, at any place, inside on a treadmill or outside in the park or even in another country! All you have to do is register for the walkathon and provide evidence that you have done it. That’s it!

By When: 11th December 2021

Type of Event: Hybrid (Onsite/Virtual)

Goal: To raise 1,000 Zara Kits to support rural based school going girls.

Registration Fee: 1,500/=