What is a ‘Pad Bank’?

This is the first of the kind in Kenya; a central online platform that uses crowd sourcing strategy to raise and store Proudly Precious Sanitary towels ready for distribution to needy girls across Kenya. It is a smart solution for a social problem that has been with us for a while despite the many interventions by different parties. In the Long run the foundation will introduce its own brand of sanitary towels by the name proudly precious.


We constantly strive to achieve an optimum level of sanitary towels to support 1000 girls through 1 year of school. Our current levels are as below:

Take action today! Leave no girl behind:

1. Donate to our PadBank; Lipa na Mpesa till number: 398293
2. Directly donate sanitary towels and panties. Email: info@youngjewels.org
3. Volunteer to be a mentor during our school trips.