Educate a girl, educate a village;

Empower a boy, build strong households.

Education is the most effective tool in elevating rural communities from poverty. Our programmes are all geared towards providing essential resources to children in rural based schools to keep them in school and mentorship to fuel their ambitions.

The Cause

Proudly precious is a mentorship program whose main objective is to enhance academic performance, among rural based school girls. We target needy schools, tailor a program based on their needs, train students on life skills and track their performance. We are the best big sister they ever had! The rural based child is in dire need of quality education just like any other child. The disparity between the urban and rural child has been of great concern to us hence the birth idea of the Foundation.

Proudly precious ensures that a girl is in class throughout the academic year through our mentorship and the provision of sanitary towels. The Ministry of Education estimates more than a million girls skip school every month because they cannot afford sanitary pads. A girl from class 6 to 8 misses 4 days of learning monthly due to menses. This translates to 36 days yearly which is 6 weeks in a year. In Secondary schools, a girl can miss up to 24 weeks in the 4 years of their study.

Our mantra is, “I am Proudly Precious”

The Cause

While there are some ageless principles of manliness, characteristics celebrated by hundreds of different cultures in many different eras, some of the ideals of manhood have varied across peoples and time periods. These aspects of manliness were planted in transitory parts of culture.

For many ancient cultures, manhood was signified by forms referred to as ‘rites of passages’. After those rites of passage, the new “man’ would then transition from ‘boyhood’ into the ‘manhood’ and in the process, would be taught survival skills, how to hunt, how to fight and protect the community, sexual matters et al. When manhood is connected to such cultural, and ultimately ephemeral guideposts, and times change, a crisis of manhood results. Some men then cling stubbornly to a past that cannot be recreated while others seek to redefine manliness in ways that while well-intentioned, end up stripping manhood of its unique vitality. Thus, the definition of manliness clearly needs to be rooted in a firm and immovable foundation. One that works across time, place, and culture and is attainable for any man, in any situation.

The modern day society has concentrated on the girl child, for good reason, and forgotten about the boy child. The basic value system in the society like honour, respect, fear of God, responsibility and basic sound values has merely collapsed.