About Us

Sparking Dreams through Mentorship, Advocacy & Research

We believe that education is a vital factor in combating poverty, empowering the youth and protecting children.

We pride ourselves in always being on the frontlines both practically and in terms of influencing policy, to ensure school children have access to the much needed support to stay in school and thrive.

To date Young Jewels has supported thousands of learners aged 10-14 years across Kenya to stay in school and make better decisions in their lives by providing Menstrual products and education for girls and mentorship for both boys and girls.

Our Story

“Had I not stayed in school during my teens I have no idea what would have become of my life.”


Young Jewels was founded in 2011 by likeminded Change Champions to empower school based teenagers with essential life skills to help then stay in class, complete their education and make better decisions in life. It has to date grown into a robust network of change champions sharing a platform consequently impacting communities one learner at a time.

Having started with only one school, we have grown to adopt 11 schools with thousands of learners graduating from our mentorship program every year. We have also been at the forefront of the Menstrual Hygiene Management agenda through our advocacy and research programs.

The end of stigma and shame surrounding menstruation is the beginning of progress.

We believe that an integrated approach to Menstrual Hygiene Management is key to ending period poverty as well as eliminating stigma. Education about menstruation should not be limited to the girl child but also to their male peers, parents, teachers and the whole community surrounding them.

Learn more about how we plan to eliminate period poverty and give our girls a fair chance at achieving their dreams. Check out Our programs.