Sparking Dreams, Unlocking Potential.

Education is a vital factor in combating poverty, empowering the youth and protecting children among other benefits.

Our Mentorship program is tailored to contribute to an increased class retention among  Learners. The program targets learners aged 10-19 years old. The program is centered around our Change Champions who are mentors to the pupils.

Sparking Dreams, Unlocking Potential.

We encourage children to dream as big as they want to

Through our mentorship program we fuel the ambitions of children in rural Kenya by exposing them to volunteers from different backgrounds and through positive affirmation and advice so that they can stay in school, dream big and want more from life.

Universal access to basic education and the achievement of primary education by the world’s children is one of the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Zara Kit

Providing access to information and tools to help them chart their own path.

Our carefully designed tool kit equips the mentees with essential life skills that enable them to carefully make the right decisions at an early age, communicate effectively, develop coping skills and navigate through life successfully.