Evidence based interventions.

Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) is an under researched area with many non-evidence based interventions being provided by many partners. Currently, there is a gap in the lack of MHM baseline data demonstrating the effectiveness of the current practices.

The challenge is that many organizations are focused on provision of access to menstrual products and not necessarily provision of evidence based interventions in MHM programming.

Young Jewels Research Program is tailored to support the generation of insights which informs programming activities to ensure an integrated approach to MHM intervention.

Real change driven by facts.

An only product based solution is not enough for MHM interventions. An integrated approach to MHM is key to providing an inclusive MHM solution across the sector.

Generating evidence is generally challenging especially in a humanitarian set up where immediate response is a big priority. During implementation, there are many scenarios where immediate response is prioritized over research. This does not down play the need for research and evidence based interventions.

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