A product based solution will not end the menstrual stigma. An integrated approach to the Menstrual Hygiene Management agenda is key to effective implementation.

My name is Dinah Muthuka, the Founder & CEO at Young Jewels Foundation. It has been a great journey since 2007, my eyes have been opened to the flight of many dreams trapped in rural Kenya. As per Kenya Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) policy 2020: “Minimal attention is given to menstrual health and hygiene with adolescent girls and boys reporting that it is shameful to discuss menstruation. The myths perpetuated by this silence and stigma results in shame and confusion, poor hygiene during the menstrual period, incidence of urinary tract and vaginal infections, absenteeism from school and work and a sense of poor self-worth that persists long after menstrual period.”

To us at Young Jewels, education is a vital factor in combating poverty, empowering the youth and protecting children among other benefits. Our mentorship program is tailored to contribute to an increased class retention among Primary School girls. The program is centered around our Change Champions who are the key educators to the leaners. Studies have indicated that up to 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads (Afri-Can, 2015).

Young Jewels is walking with thousands of girls across 11 Primary Schools currently supported by our School based Program. Unlike other Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) programs, MHM has not had adequate resource allocation from stakeholders. There is need for increased mobilization and allocation of resources for effective and efficient implementation.

Welcome to Young Jewels community. Join our change champions in supporting thousands of girls from our School Health Program. Be a hero for our heroes. Sparking Dreams, Unlocking Potential.

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