New words were such a thing during those days! Imagine experiencing your menarche (First occurrence of menstruation.) and the only people around believe that menstruation is a taboo! That might have actually been me. My name is Charity Githae and I am a volunteer and change champion with the Young Jewels Foundation.

You see, when I first experienced my period, at around the age of 14, I did not know how to ask my dad for sanitary pads.  I was embarrassed. I totally beat around the bush because I could not get the courage to utter the right words. After some real rehearsal, I put together some words and waited for the perfect opportunity.

“I need those things that Ann buys when she is shopping for back to school.” I said. With my heart almost in my mouth. Ann was my elder sister who was in high school, and so the guessing begun.

“Cake? “He asked.


 “Socks? “



“No!” I say. Sensing some sort of agitation, I just let it out.

“Pads!” I said.  Because I could not yell at my father. I wanted to run. But I was still present. Menstruation should not be an awkward topic for whichever gender in the community.

At Young Jewels, we appreciate the need for male involvement. We have successfully incorporated the boy child into our mentorship program where they learn about menstrual hygiene among other topics.  We have also started a leadership program at the schools.

With your support, the program can reach to more than the 11 adopted schools that we are currently working with. Plug in. Join us for the Menstrual Matters Walk Hike on 20th October 2022 and get thousands of Zara Kits to girls across the country.

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Author:  Chet Githae

Change Champion