Zara Story Book

KSh 750

ZARA Story book has been written for teenage girls and those approaching puberty. It also targets the parents of teenagers, with the aim of breaking the silence, as well as reducing the shame and secrecy that surrounds women sexuality and menstrual matters right from menarche all the way to menopause.

The book will help convey to young girls the importance of understanding the female body, sexuality and menstrual cycle. It will also empower them to walk in confidence as their bodies develop. This book’s main objective is to open discussion about the hard topics that surround girls’ development and women’s sexuality.

Because education begins at home, this book is the ultimate bridge between teenage girls and their parents to ensure the much-needed communication during their most crucial stage in life. The end result is the creation of a bond that allows teenage girls to ask their parents any question without any fear whatsoever.

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