Sheila is a Class 6 primary school girl from one of the rural areas in Kenya. Just like any other young girl, she has stellar ambitions, to work hard and make it someday.  But her dream is at risk: she just began her menses. Sounds not a big issue?  Yeah, for you and me, may be. But for Sheila, it is such a big concern. She will be forced to miss a minimum of 4 days of her school every month since her parents’ income is not stable enough to afford her a packet of sanitary towels. At an average, a girl misses school 4 days per month, loses up to 12 learning days per school term due to menstruation. In a year she will lose 36 learning days which is approximate to 6 weeks of learning time. This is equivalent to 18 learning weeks if the girl began her menses in Class 6. You now see why this is a great worry for Sheila?

What if her situation could change? What if there was a way to help Sheila navigate her school life without having to miss classes due to her menses?




Introducing, the Zara Kit, a smart solution for a social problem that has been with us for a while now despite the many interventions by different parties. Zara Kit is a carefully designed kit that equips our mentees with essential life skills that enable them to carefully make the right decisions at an early age, communicate effectively and develop coping skills to navigate through life successfully. These kits will be distributed to girls like Sheila at no cost.

A smart social solution that not only aims at empowering Sheila but her brother too. One of the content in the Zara Kit is the Zara Story Book, a resource that benefits both the girl and boy child by teaching them life skills necessary for them throughout their education and life in general.  Since 76% of the Kenyan population is based in the rural areas, the Zara Kit is a big opportunity for Sheila and her classmates. We have created an opportunity for you to reach to your local school with this kit. Get in touch with us. Support the Zara Kit and keep Sheila and her schoolmates in class.

Get one for yourself and a friend! Let’s all feel great as we reach out to Zara, to our community! To purchase and know more about our Zara Kit,, please click here.